We arrived with the vehicles on a cloudy Thursday morning just as the Blue Angles were flying in. After checking in with Major Hutchinson we parked our babies in a great spot. Just to left of the Blue Angles aircraft parking. 
Friday was a different day! As I arrived Riner was attempting to keep approximately 2 million kids out of and off the vehicles. He was screaming "Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow, we have been over run."
I would like to say it wasn't all that bad but I would be lying. After a quick call to Ragain for artillery support, which was denied, he arrived with caution tape and signs. Things got better. 
Saturday and Sunday was the scene of 
the best airshow I have ever attended. Awesome is close to describing it. We had water, food and maybe the only shade on the tarmac. Camo netting is a wonderful thing. 

Finally a big Thanks to SSGT Nicholas and Major Hutchinson for taking such good care of us. 
    Journeying West In A M-1078  
You have to have a little adventure in your heart to go on a 5,000 mile camping trip in a military vehicle with no air conditioning and a top speed of 50 MPH. 

Kudos to Bob Ragain and family.